An Introduction


Hi, I’m Lacey, and I’m really glad you’re here.

The purpose of this blog, first and foremost, is to share my passion for writing and personal style with all of you wonderful people. But before I get into that, a bit about me.

I am passionate to a fault. I am a lover of many, MANY things and people, and I am sure that as time goes on you will learn about quite a few of them. But one of these loves is the true focus of this here blog, so it is where I will start: Threadcrumbs.

What are these threadcrumbs I speak of? I’m so glad you asked. They are the pieces of clothing that are left behind for me and my fellow thrifters to scavenge; fallen soldiers in the battles of ever-changing trends, growing waistlines, and fickle owners who once loved and now have left them to hope that maybe, just maybe, another human will take them home and give them purpose again.

Yes, I know it is a bit melodramatic to give clothes feelings, but to be fair I already warned you about how passionate I am. Now, back to the blog.

Threadcrumbs is my documented devotion to thrift shopping. My hope is that, through interacting with this blog, you all will be inspired to go adopt your own threadcrumbs and give some lonely second hand clothes a loving home. I am- as with most things in my life- flying by the metaphorical seat of my pants when it comes to this blog, but here are a few things (I hope) you will see here:

  1. Awkward photos of me in thread crumbs.
  2. Beautiful photos of my wonderful friends and family in thread crumbs.
  3. Conversations about thread crumbs with above wonderful friends and family, and perhaps a few strangers.
  4. Conversations not about thread crumbs with above wonderful friends and family, and perhaps a few strangers.
  5. Musings, etc.

I will also be documenting my threadcrumbs love on Instagram (@threadcrumbs) so please feel free to follow me there as well. Want to be featured or have a really cool idea that would take threadcrumbs to the next-level? Email me at

Again, I am so glad you guys are here for the start of this adventure. Until next time!


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